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VIP Tickets & Parking 3 DAY VIP PASS...,
 As a VIP at each shows your,  ticket at the door "is 35.00 which will allow you to meet our booked celebrity after our shows. If you are not holding a VIP -pass then you will not be authorize back stage,  with a VIP pass you can walk the entire back-room as Premium card holder. VIP will be seated in front rows and if our shows are serving soft drinks as a VIP our members you will offered one FREE drink. VIP access must not be abuse getting out of control, can revoke your privilege. VIP will have an escort back-stage to give our performers, event planners, coordinator the respect and privacy.

  •  As a member you receive the regal treatment
  • You will be in photos if, ask as a VIP you will have the option to take pictures will the artists you  are comfortable with or who is comfortable with you.  No guess will be host or get to run the shows, if as a VIP your conduct is out of place we will ask you to compose your self , in result you could be taken off our list.
  • Being a VIP will give you  a lot of advantage with us you  will be called for every shows that we will promote or when we product an artist and promote our-performers new release. VIP are not allow to smoke any illegal substance  on premises . Guns or other weapons are not allow in our shows if you  get caught you  will be detain.

  • VIP can walk the red carpet after the shows as we will have a VIP moment, we love our VIP and thank them for their faithful agreement. If we are going to a foreign  country to conduct a show VIP are welcome to attend. VIP will be some times seated for an interview  to reveal their experience of our shows, you  can title them as playing the role as a (VIP- Observer) VIP will be on our mailing list  and we recommend that all VIP post us on their face-book.  VIP can play a great role by emailing fans  to our shows or drop off fliers to locations.

Throughout the main stage shows, VIP ticket holders will get the opportunity to see the Garth Music Tour Banner above the Stage.  Garth Music Tour security will rotate about 20 VIP ticket holders at a time to the Stage-box on the VIP side of the Stage for two to four song sets (depending on demand).

Most  Net Working Event Tours Band normally give us Net Working Event Tours Band passes on the day that they play. VIP ticket holders can sign up at the VIP tent check-in each day. We then hold drawings for  Net Working Event Tours Band and will draw as many as allowed by each Net Working Event Tours Band Net Working Event Tours Band photos from last year can be found in the Photo section...
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