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Concerts touring to your destination :

Our stars on the road to performing any type of featuring that we will be conducting, most of our events will be in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island NYC. In some bookings we will go out of town or even visiting other nation.  These artist that will travel with us must be signed performers and if any fans would like to travel with us there is a policy guideline for that. But we will travel to areas that our company some times select other than that if the site traffic lead us to certain location it is because of the calling of how many request by fans.

piano image displaying on website                                                                                      Dancers and rappers not-to mention gospel and more will be very much alive at Garth Music all types of acts will be presented in our programs and all of the public are invited to participate watch and be entertain. Our models and singers, most will perform for the very first time. In the Caribbean such as Jamaica west Indies we will have great shows because of the cultural history of reggae the Bob Marley state. Other Caribbeans nations will be apart of our travels too and all of the performers are excited to tour the many places to promote their music , writing acting and comedy career. The touring process is base on the type of shows that will be of interest in particular  aids, cancer, prostate cancer, diabetics, pancreatic cancer, poverty, homelessness, hunger and crimes. Therefore female genital; mutilation traditional practice and all other atrocity  i mean serious inhumane act by mankind all of these and more will-be on our shows.  classical songs will be highly respected on our shows we are about the best of victims of HIV -Aids, and lung cancer also ulcer.

Doctors will definitely be apart of our shows as we talk about research for diseases more...

  We are always upgrading.