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January 29 at 2:12am
Our Entity Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc, is recruiting talents for 2011events hoping to fine those who will stand up for society crisis. Pancreatic cancer is a serious concern, and all are invited to attend pancreatic cancer street kick off 2011. It’s an event where our Ed-liner and co-Ed-Liners will perform for pancreatic a cancer awareness. All 50, fifty states are being called on, to participate in this dynamic movement. You the performer can participate even if you are signed or unsigned- under an ex-tended contract agreement, this agreement would not allow us to take away your full or legal rights between you and your contract-counter-parts. I Garth Thompson am very much concern about victims and their needs, and would like to exercise the most heartfelt, inner feelings of those who been through the most ordeals. I am here to bring to lyrics what plan I have for people on a hold, in times of needs. I am willing to express through talents development the ideal stories in mind. The performers will display their stage acts to fans, of what public awareness issues affairs means also how can victims benefit from this.

Every particular performer has a different cultural –back-ground and it will be wonderful to watch them on stage sharing their personal life experience and in the acts Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc will find solutions to the many issues ahead. These paragraphs are introductions of what to come and, we are very much concern that if you are willing to take part, stick to it until the very end. Online meaning our website, you will fill out forms gearing to the show (s) for this occasion. I hope that you will submit your press-kit that is consisting; of photos, Bio, and mp3- other tools can be interview –tapings. If you do have a taping of you it does not matter when it was taken. If you have a manager- we would still present a contract agreement that will not interfere so we will not impede your career of whatever genres you are pursuing by involve you in issues events in vain.

Victims are our first responsibilities and secondly talents development and artist has a large accountability that will be focus on every period of our events. The agreements are more to book you on the shows, and assign you a large task and duty to lead and promote your lyrics and other genres. The movement confirms by, Founder & President, is to say sponsorship will play a vital role in our pancreatic cancer shows. In our Green room all Ed-liners and Co Ed-liner will be feed, we plan on provided for only the performers and their entourage. The shows are free on the streets, but after the events will promote shows especially for Ed-Liners and Co-Ed-Liners and not Entourage then, but they can receive free-passes. All Performers-Ed-Liners and Co-Ed-Liners are allowed to have 5 to sex Entourage only. The people who are stars if amateurs , you will perform before the ~Top, people- what would put you in the, top people, is if you are selected as (Ed-Liner) Ed-liner spot is your music must be super professional –ready for TV and Radio… more…. ?

If you are an Uprising talent, you should be TV and Radio ideal star-(s) nothing should stop you at this level in your music career. At this level you will become our Ed-Liner. If you are a website that shares with other uprising stars that is the key … To start with us it is certainly true that you have a full package to submit such as what I mention above, meaning your press-kit. First to start I Garth Thompson , Founder & President will give you an interview , after you have been recruited that is , then we book you for our issues events shows. It would be good to have all talents come to NYC this is where it will star for you. The event s will always keep alive in one or all five boroughs, the performers will select or assign to public issues by Garth Thompson.

Your time agreement with our shows are from 5 years if you are assign to a manager after you start this event all this will do is give you more time to spread your talents to the public. Genres that we are looking for, Dancer, reggae, Gospel, Musicians, Comedians, Hip-hop, R&B, Actors, Actresses, cultural acts also singers and a lot more …
You will travel to Caribbean island and other areas of tours, the event will mostly conduct at government official office or parks etc…
We are always updating our mission messages…

Submit your package, to, call Garth Thompson at 1718 600 7263 visit
fill out the form which is JOIN US?
If you wish to send an mp3 use the method, easy CD Da Extractor search on Google for this tool

Garth Thompson

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Developing talents for society affairs , this movement is to give all victims a second chance in life.