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Standing-up and stamping out
Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc Performers standing up and stamping out atrocity right now
New York City Unsigned artists and, of the United State of America also elsewhere are being ask to join this dynamic approach on issues affairs that matters the most in society. This is a vital music movements to development talents of origin. Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc clearly believe this, as it is to my understanding and to the fans acknowledgement that performers do make a great difference into every earthly issues. This section illustrates that role through various issues, films, news ads, infomercials, posters and on Bulletins. Other sections that we have an interest in are courts cases, domestic violence, war, great atrocity and again other issues affairs. And other materials there of that as not presents itself.
Fighting for Justice bringing hope to a nation is our move towards something we deeply feel with great compassion, as we try to heal our victims, and their abuse, from these abusers around  the universe. In 28 eight countries little girls are statistic of female genital mutilation, and it continues up to their adolescent years but, without a great deal, of( intelligence) what you do not know you will never understand. Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc along with Partner INTL Cultural Awareness Associates do feel the need to work parallel with each other to bring vital information to the fans as well as present it in detail to artists as their new Performers-appointed career assignment -duties.
Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc is trying to heal victims who has been abuse by their government even citizens and, to those who endure other criminal acts done to mankind... 
Our entity Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc produce a large number of fans that will support our stride and many faithful servant- of Entertainment Soldiers that will take up their assigned duties. While focusing, they will acknowledge their responsibilities as ambassador to the city, county, state and villages where they are from and nation that these talents do represent as Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc official -Performers "On appointed career assignment -duties. Each genres of Model, Singers- RNB, Hip Hop, Dancers, Musicians, Comedians, Poets, Writers, speakers, Reggae, Rappers and Gospel etc are just few of the artist we have an interest in to work with us. Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc, these are just some of the many but, all genres we hope to seek and assign for duties.
Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc ask that you stand up with its dreams to eradicate the unfairness toward mankind, nevertheless atrocity on a whole and, many crimes that as put heartache to all the people globally.
Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc stamping out aids, -Hiv, homelessness, hunger, violence, crime, poverty, diseases, Prostate cancer, heart diseases, Brain cancer, Blood cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Colon cancer, breast cancer, arthritis, diabetes, ulcer and all other diseases  that reaches and destroy the human body. Our Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc incorporation clients and performers will be assign to work on public awareness issues affairs-
In the state of New York you will  be develop to do a duty that will be assigned to you base on your Modeling singing acting and musician styles. and all other stage stills are to be acknowledge now and then. Meaning your dancing and comedy along with poets and all other career that this entity mentioned above thus far. California stars are to adopt themselves as the above role Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc as already mentioned above and beyond. And other such as fashion, urban model, Writers, and more. Florida State, and it's unsigned  rappers and models are under these policy of our entity too. New Jersey and Texas state singers of RNB and actresses, are who we need to join our agreement deals. Therefore, including all United State of America as follow are accept to join such as Utah, Georgia, Washington state, New Hampshire Massachusetts state, Rhode island fashion designers and freestyle artiste. In the state of AlabamaCountry singers and pop stars from that area  is being ask to join us as we hope to bring that state along our musical journey. 
The Alaska state talents are being acknowledge to play a vital role. Arizona, writers and actors, you  are being called on to join Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc. Arkansas, Colorado and Connecticut pop stars, writers and Models you are being acknowledge to play your great role in this corporation. The state of Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois and Iowa Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc ask that you take an interest as performers to do a good service to your nation for humanity? Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana state you are now being presented with a task opportunity, telling you your artist to stand up for victims and their needs, By performers on concerts stage for a good cause. Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc is Developing artist and your state is important to us so join?
The states of Maine, Maryland, Michigan, and Minnesota you are being recognize as a great concert participant by showing your talents as this is where you will develop your talents career and dreams.
Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska , Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania--------------- South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee , Vermont, Virginia , West Virginia Wisconsin, Wyoming
Commonwealths & Territories
The International origin the Caribbean seas ,
Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc  Founder and President Garth Thompson I am conducting Artist development for public awareness issues  affairs. I would like to know if I can do some Talents-promotional rendition session on your TV station? 
Additional information, will be found and added to broaden the minds of the Performer and Fans- audience alike. When available we shall share such intelligence...
INTERNAITONAL GALLERY SLIDE PHOTOS OF SELECTED PERFORMERS- Performers-appointed on career assignment -duties
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