Q Cards

This is the sample ideal idea to view. By Your  Founder/ President  and Host

 Garth Thompson


Clients questions
For Interviewing Interested potential Clients or other but, dealing with artist who are looking to music entertainment professionalism as an escape this format would be some-what your pa-tern way.
First you will be ask about your BIO...

  •   First you will be ask about your Bio
  •  Just be relax & your session will be okay

But, over-all look in the camera and, focus... take a deep breath and speak your full stage name. You could be posting also for the photographer while positioning your self for Q-cards questioning

Q- Cards Flash...
Keep in mind that Q-Cards will flash asking you to speak your name if the camera is pausing or the interview is done.

In other times, if the interview is highly interested you will be ask to speak your name. It is just to make sure if someone should view your taping they would catch the name. This is promotional tactics being develop while discovering your smooth composure for the real-world.  Keep in mind that if you  are viewed by TV networks they might like the way in which you * answer* the Q-cards task.

Q-Cards Points on voice and self composure ...
You must continue by speaking your name, make sure that you speak out loud but, keep your voice to a suitable level

Now tell us about your Bio?
Then when done, the camera will shut off and start again, we could be getting you ready for the next Q card question- if more questioning is needed and you seems to think more time is require to think we will give you  a break.

Q-Cards questioning Stage...
Now tell us if you ever perform on stage before
tell us where?
Pause.... give is details on the title of the show , in what city and state or nation make your story interested to the viewers your taping will go places for along time so give interesting info?

Q-Cards Garth Founder and President of Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc And Intel Cultural Awareness Associates
Now this is Garth Thompson your Founder & President asking ideal questions This is my dream and I am crating my corporations, again dreams so I ask the info (s) and means I have the plan also I know what i want for the business. 

The purpose of the Interview is to Develop Talents
for Public affairs, at the same time I want performers to understand that their art- work can play a vital role in society greatest atrocity awareness . Our team motto is to blend performers with talents tied into Ambassadorship while using every leverage of genres to accomplish their escape.


I will ask you about your state
I will ask you  about your city
I will ask you about  Brooklyn
I will ask you about NY State & its population of people in it.
I will ask you  about America, and it population or ask you of
crimes in America.

I will ask you about your ethnicity
I will ask you about Haiti.? If that is
your native land. Recently we have
the worlds catastrophe moment.
I will ask you  about your genre (s)
I will ask you  about future events
I will ask you  about what you will accomplish in  five years time.
I will ask you  about what you  think about our society today , 
Killing  hate, violence...

Q- cards sex questions
I will ask you about same sex  marriage, as this is public interest.
I will ask you to tell me about Haiti recent earth quake.

How many people you witness dying in front of you?
Did you stumbled on any bodies after the earthquake catastrophe?
Would you visit Haiti again to help the people there?
What is the population of Haiti?
What can you do to help Haiti?

Keep in mind that if you are Haitian decent then these questions would apply to you only.

Educational Q-Cards questions
 Educational Q Cards Question

What is your best subject in school?
what will be your major in college?
Who inspired you to develop your entertainment career?
Now what would you want Garth Music Tour .com to help you with
Do you want to be in our Calendar?
We hope you attend our show next year…
 If you are in politics we will go a whole different level of Q-Cards  ...because that is actual reality 

This is an idea of our Q-cards see you soon in our interviews with you ....