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Project News, The model from native island is Haiti ... he is coming to NYC for a Interview session.
35630 1778553904962 1272812980 2027870 5100784 nThis Project News page is designed to announce to our
fans of who is coming on next at GarthMusicTour
interview -photo-video shoots and ads, Infomercial
scene. All Genres photos will be display before they
have the opportunity to sit–down with Garth Thompson.
On Garth Interview Session we are developing talents
to face the camera-while taking snap-shots that will go
along the interview creation.

Performers will have small bio info and most of the time
after the interview and shoots we will remove their photos
to display our next up and coming artist. Performers here

must agree 100% to take photos and interview that will
showcase them in a professional way; no porn development
will be carried-out during before or after or ever created in this entity. That is not our formal–approach
in this motto movements.  If you did not grant, us your full rights to interview you and shoot
your photos for our public awareness issues affairs/ causes you can do so now.  Submit your
All genres, should inform their legal guardians before join our shows of Garth Interview sessions,
if you agree to participate in a interview make sure you understand the materials solely belongs
to Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc. We have the right to promote and book you if this is your
agreement with us, Or once we tape you and or interview you the material, that was created by
 us NMGMT Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc again belongs to us. This project news page will only
show you who is booked for interview. Now view who we have in-line tell us on facebook and
other social network if you would come out to this performer show when he or she is performing.
It ‘s our talents that will stand up for society, support them ?

Project News From NYC


Project News

                     make sure you submit your press-kit to first review by us before your Garth
interview session, keep in mind conscious shows and interview session. It is about the world
that is our purpose why we are present here today. Bring a positive attitude in our business
environment and all those who accompany you should all so do the same. I hope you can take
this scenery serious, if you are not interested in the last minute call and cancel. If you did not
cancel, and for get to give us notice you will not be ask to attend this project task in the near

Garth Interview session, with