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American Performers Penthouse Official Events
In preparation of aiding victims needs, while focusing on Causes & Artist Development. Our 52 states are being presented with a welcoming invitation that will support GarthMusicTour. Com endeavors. This is an escape movement, including the public participation and artist of all genres moment of opportunities. The nation of the United State of America talents are being called on to attend our events, we believe, in all race,and cultural scenery, you might fine interested with our stage styles. Have skills that meet the needs of the company, Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc would be very appreciative of your support to join all shows to learn more about us. It’s that consciousness thinking about my motto, that I know will enlighten you the fans , the public and performers, of what we do here at Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc. The is formed to promote cultural causes in America, to all Americans for their support needs. In this country Garth Thompson would like to inform the nation that their presents are needed to kick off a vital movement to heal all people’s issues.  Under serious affairs that is medical, atrocity, grate victims abuse and social- entertainment we stand to stamp out…
This is your interest to us, that will have you want to know more of the good things we do, and for who we do it for,victims off all issues . Victims are very much playing a vital role, here at Garth Music Tour .com we first official geared towards using talents, this is by giving all our performers that ,privilege to be establish under our  escape-policy. Such reserve rights to develop performers of all ethnicity for mankind is strong  here with us  at American Performers Penthouse Events, is designed to
advertise the title that is out, to the public with the idea to traffic Americans to attend  our vital shows. The penthouse is located in NYC ideal facility for personal events, it is essential that we know the number amount of fans, including performers that will grace us with their presence.
If you arrive at this page and have read this advertising paragraphs message, and have interest to be on our invites list Write to Founder and President Garth Thompson at this and how you should send your invites awareness letter.  Your full name is required, along with cell email, your talents-genres, address, and stage name if one, and tell us what are your interest in public awareness issues affairs? We need to know your causes interest it is important to know what charity you  would support. International Concert Contract Agreement, in line with all processing events because the main idea when it comes to artist development with us is to, train artist to become ambassador to different needs. Write us now and let us know if you have an interest to attend our dynamic shows in NYC penthouse events New York state Manhattan and website official Garth Thompson email   company Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc when you enter the website you can send us your emails information, that  would be the easy way to send info to me….

                                        American Performers Penthouse Official Events
52 states performers official entertainment gatherings, in cities and counties all across America is preparing to join our shows, at these official events. It’s about skillful talents moments; to Share their renditions to those who are uprising stars and who are participating in our events. This get-together schedule events seeks serious genres gearing to our motto, etc meaning fans and performers alike also staffs.  All performers should have a press-kit that they will walk with, at the beginning of the official event performers will be greeted before entering the facility showing  their press-kit folder. Right after that they must be escort to a separate room to begin their process for the evening when the process has completed artist will be directed to the loft area for the night until they are ready to take the floor and stage. In that moment photographers and camera taping will take it scores.  Rules if you are coming to the American Performers Penthouse Official Events, make sure that you book into the same hotel if possible, this idea of booking in one area will allow us to easy direct and mange the official person and individuals.
These people – artist are vital to our entity and we want to make sure you enjoy the bust regal treatment ever. 

When you share your renditions you will not get paid. This calling of stars is to allow you, as an entertainer to gain the privileges of being invited to development your escape, but most of all for us, Net Move Garth Music Tour inc to give you the stage to know if you are the ideal super star for our company idealistic dreams in all genres industry. If you are the ideal super stars that we are looking for then you will be signed an agreement. Now what we will have for you  at this events are red carpet, Garth’s Interview Sessions, some of the time live cooking and sampling, tasters are fans and performers also staffs. The other levels are renditions of all genres opportunities, photo slides of performers in all dept of –genres and
trail ads to key or all performers coming near and far. These American performers’ penthouse official events are in class by itself, different from net working event tours. These American Performers Penthouse official events; are agenda, that will start to process each stars closer to a contract agreement deal.  You will pay your plane and hotel tickets, plus $25 dollars to attend the American Performers Penthouse official event.

Your plane and hotel payment do not have anything to do with your responsibility to pay your $25 Dollars to the event, here at America performers penthouse official events, you will eat and drink without paying. If you have any questions please send your emails directly to Garth Thompson keep in mind that the 25 dollars ticket will not change from 25.  If our event is not for you, we wish you well, and hope all your dreams fulfill at your wish.
Tell your friends on facbook , myspace, twitter and more social networks visit our American Performers Penthouse official event page and leave your comments about these American Performers Penthouse official events… if you were invited to one, or going to one even if you attend one.
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