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The two entities will work parallel with each other to bring about dreams by the Founder and President Garth Thompson. Around the Globe we will come together, standing tall to stand out and eradicate harmful issues that is not welcome in the site of God and mankind. Victims will be our main priority a responsibility that we foresees since 2000. Therefore, focusing on scouting and developing entertainment Soldier. This is an escape that will give both victims and performers hope and strength of and on stage. Read More Details

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Net Move Garth Music Tour. Inc is formed base upon talents escape one could almost be certain that we wish to be the only corporation to develop details assignments to artiste who are capable to sign just because America and the world could or needs their presence to bring about an end to mankind greatest enemies. issues that human being faces, I am talking every public issues that we all and people faces throughout our lives. An Artiste is assign, to use his or her God's gifted talents to promote, bring about hope and strengthen also protect the poor weak and sick under special agreement. Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc Founder and President vision the power of a performer or more than one who will come together  for the sole purpose to aid those that have a serious need or more than one. These are people who have diseases , Aids , Cancer, Homelessness, hunger, Poverty and victims of any Public Awareness Issues Affairs. Read More Details...

Conducting concerts in America and around the world   /  Creating opportunities for up and coming talents around the Globe.

Under- Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc  the corporation will ask people, meaning talents to be our clients with assurance that you must have agreement contract deal with us.  This contract-agreement will allow Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc to provide you with proper management representation and you as the entity's -client- (s, under Net Move Garth Music Tour , Inc  Therefore, your(  International Concert Contract Agreement) is to offer you as the client Concert-Royalties . Every and anyone who as sign and be interviewed is a client and will illegible for such INTL CONCERT CONTRACT AGREEMENT. This Website will inform you of the procedures steps to take that will share the right paper works and filing requirement s you may need to star with Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc. / Intl Concert contract Agreements...  This Process may lead to additional  filing and informational dealings, View what state and origin have the access and rights to become a client- performers under NMGMT Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc Read More Details Brooklyn Area   Queens Area  Manhattan Area  Staten island Area and the Bronx Area  sign up by sending your Press-kit to Read More Details ...  IMAGE OF A VICTIM