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NYC Permit events Request

Special Street Events Permit request
Dear NYC I am conducting street event and would like permit for the month of followed with date and time how many people will attend around 5.000 + TO 10.000 it will be advertise on fliers through word of mouth on my website, facebook as well  not to mention banners. The radio station and news papers might also be apart what makes the fans join us. Police presence will be needed and camera crew as will as photographers will be there.

We know that special events permits are required for these events/activities where 5.000 or more people will be present. Therefore, fans, Talents of all genres will show up, parties club members, and producers, and the media  not to mention fashion, models, designers, reggae, Hip-Hop, Dancers, Poets, Comedians, Musicians, speakers, Writers, gospel-artists, observers,  organizations all of these people require special  protection for a noble events that this permit should allow.

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Park Events Permit request, if we need the park for 2011 it would be Floyd Bennett fields...

an image of a Bridge on  website www.garthmusictour.comDown town Brooklyn Permit request from here we would present our selves to city Hall

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We would like to take our interest to the Mayors office at city Hall. In 2011 we will have more info details to read.

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Who will be the key celebrity?
who will be the uprising Star?
other list of VIPS...

DSC00143, visit website www.garthmusictour.comManhattan permit request, our permit for 2011 is that we would like to talk conduct and event in time square