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More details, on genres Ddevelopment tips:
Underour policy,these are the offers to all genres pertaining to their dreams development, performers will be recruited and,review, the first time we contact a performer our intention is to interview them. This process will be done for all artists as it is the test period session and,trial bases, “the new enrollment -clients ought to follow.  The interview will develop and then direct each interested participant to fully prepare for the world; individual should know what it takes; to be on our program- event –schedules. Artist will be book for BIG shows concerts and so they have to understand the policy in which we specialize in-now as we are going forward. I would like to say every genre will have a dept within our corporation that is of firing – mode- for mankind. You will be review for a contract, we judge you from this level of interviews… in the interviews sessions we will do photo shoots for promotional reasons etc
NYC Five Boroughs, talents must be the first to present their Press-kits, to us and join in all of the events that we share to the public of New York cities. The entity is willing to train the best performer that can represent the state of New York.  All clients will be with-contract, but they will go through the judging process levels to be qualified to perform for victims concerts event and more so to pursue their dreams in whatever genres they specializes and promote-in.
The Five Boroughs, Net Working Events is a tour event, designed to allow all five New York cities to join and share their renditions. This means that all talents should participate from Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan. New York is the main – area to galvanize the talents to join, from here on, we will have shows in other parts of the nation of America throughout the world…
The American Performers Penthouse Official Events is the level field, regal show to gather the super best that this entity could reach out to at this juncture. They will be invited to attend a super-natural event environment–under watchful eyes and judging. These talents will do everything they can, and all that they are about must show here, at this American Performers Penthouse Official Events. It will be talents from all cities, states and nation all ethnicity… In shows here at “Soho, Penthouse booking your schedule you should report to telling him that you saw this penthouse paragraph and you are interested to participate. After that message you need to send one more message detail and that is your press-kit at make sure you  have a press-kit if you do not have a press-kit and you  are still interested do not be discourage, Google a press-kit format as your guide. A press-kit is needed that is your package for us to learn about you, and where you are taking your dreams… it is very essential to have a press-kit in your possession.
This regal-event, will not share all details, while under this info of the penthouse it is disclosure policy
During the American Performers Penthouse Official Event, there will be many events conducting throughout. Such events are as follows, Pancreatic Cancer, HIV Aids, Breast cancer, poverty settings, Female Abuse, Childhood-school-supplies, Nation-gather day,  State-Friendly–Day, cultural Cook-Day, Crime-Day, Firemen-Day, Policy-Day, Doctor-Day, nurse-Day, Students-Talents-Day,  World-Day, A-Day-For –peace, Face Book-Day, Website-Day, Hunger, colon cancer, heart-diseases, blood cancer, and many more …. This is Public Awareness issues affairs …
Dynamic super celebs Concerts events for the entire world to see, starts now in America throughout… Locally, nation-wide and International, all performers escape moments.
The super moments
Intl Concert Contract Agreement
This is where you will be paid, at Intl Concert Contract Agreement, for the work that you are hired to complete, with all rules followed your contract must be kept within, standing points… All genres but, only few will receive contract, at certain period- a number among of performers will be allow to work.
Meaning for each show two rappers will be book, along with all others in pairs… leaving 10 performers not to mention model … at each Intl Concert Contract Agreement shows performers will rotate so all performers can fulfill their Intl Concert contact agreement duties …
Strict Intl Concert Contract agreement policy under non disclosure forms agreements, do not try to copy or adopt this corporation business function ideas…
More details by Founder andPresident
Garth Thompson