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Mission: recruiting talents, for causes such as aiding society victims and giving them a lively hood, exposing victims concerns, while using talents on stage, fighting atrocity. We then have an interest to Interviewing talents and in the mean while developing them to our agenda. Our dreams are to train men and woman boys and girls also make awareness to organization, government’s officials and the general public of shows and other Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc operations.   About our Corporation, functions activities, the entity feels that artist escape begins at the very first moment we talk to a potential client. Our dreams are certain and direct. All you need to do make your lyrics conscious, be professional and serious about your career -dream with us. We are developing talents to become entertainment soldiers as well as update, ambassador for society.  Lets work hard for public awareness issues affairs, you can receive INTL Concert Contact Agreements Other updates will be posted. Continue to other details…


Our mission towards uprising stars in your community but, first allow me to say “Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc thoughts & dreams that would inspire many “has just begun, beginning with recruiting talents. “Who will one day stand up for people in society, in all their issues ups and downs throughout this universe with the pattern of mankind behavior? It’s something that is essential and serious to the corporation.  Continue, many years ago and this is far back as a child, an idea came to me and in that mind- thought- thinking package, it reveal that I should care for humanity in a business sense, now as a Founder and President “Garth Thompson” instead of himself he thinks of others. With all the money that he, Founder and President owns: he decided to invest on his business needs and dreams for victims and performers escape.

In this mission if Garth Thompson, can have is way to create for the needy, so it shall be, because he grow-up with his Grandmother, always giving to people in his neighborhood as a child. Therefore, victims are people who suffered through hardship, torture, rap, hate, murdered, abuse and beaten. Statistics repeats itself in many forms, also many times, it create new forms of victims, some are girls and woman boys and the elderly too, but girls have been dealt with female genital mutilation traditional practice in over 28 countries across our world. In ever chapter of our world period we must stand to eradicate such human, behavior that has brought wide shed tears of pain thinking of victim’s atrocity. All these atrocities are a violation of human rights. Founder and President Thoughts are hard and long on society struggles and disease that inflect pain to us all, still this is a different agenda, but facts are we are developing talents to take on all issues set forth by “God” himself to confront.

Therefore; in these motto “Garth Thompson “created a Solution that would be entertaining yet seriously stated… otherwise professional. Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc Executive President official “Garth Thompson” dreams are to recruiting talents then interview them at “Garth Interview Sessions” all genres that maybe willing to perform. The entity mission is to have talents focus that are of Public Awareness Issues Affairs, in which the corporation would need  clients to understand that the idea here with us is to  develop, produce and promote your conscious lyrics under  all the above. People to be of aid, from your talents performance are victims facing all conditions of lives issues… In mind we have performers in every State of America those that are all genres interest; we hope they can perform on our stage from all over the world. I ask that you engage with our entity interest on our stage for a bigger and better world to come. It do not matter what genres you are we are welcoming you to join us, Rappers, Gospel, Reggae, Dancers, Musicians, Poets, Writers, R&B, Hip- Hop, Actors+ Actresses, Comedians, Fashion, Model and many more… always updating

All Genres Interview, and review keep in mind submit your Press-Kit…