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lyrics  Registration

                                       Garth Music Tour is warning, secure your material now!

Welcome to our lyrics Registration, these are some key steps to safe-guard your songs when you write a lyrics even if it , needs a little review to re-over do not post it. Wait until your song 0r (s) is in the best of soundings to you.   Continuing about your lyrics-Song, It should be done in the studio and, I mean ready to go out on the air to the  public. Therefore,do not make it public until it is studio complete.  Never let your fans hear it before it is done. You  never know who is waiting to confiscate your work. This is a personal feeling that I have about lyrics releasing before it is finish professionally. Most Writers seems to be confuse... well so it is, there are dozens of questions, to ask and many answers to full-fill! It is right either to self -register your songs before you even take them to the studio or have a notary-Public sign them for you. An attorney is also one of the best way to go.  Its just the right thing to do ( in my opinion it is smart to register first)  before making your property public, because  you  do not know who you will meet while putting your lyrics in sound- processing. Be smart about your hard work. It is your responsibility to safe- guard your life most -prize possession.  Never be persuaded in being reluctant if you are pursuing your dreams safe -guard it from beginning to the excellent Height... And then the end.

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