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JNGC2013 promotional & advertising Jamaica National Gospel Concert 2013 starting now. Who wants to sponsor this page as we are gearing towards conducting one of the most exciting shows in the Jamaican history of gospel performance and entertainment. Its alive and real that we are about to move mountains and shake the level valleys because something is about to happen gigantic and miraculously. Jamaica need something dynamic that will bring out the people to join as one. We are reclaiming our spiritual culture- and -faith like it was in the primitive times. The only difference there are, now is that back then times was not so bold  and wild. People could  be nice to their neighbors and it didn't mean or take a thing to do so.  In this modern time we all have little, no, respect for one another and less love but, much steaming of hate and war onto our people it as cause us to see the worse times in the universe.
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The Jamaican people are very courageous human beings we will stand for good deeds always and we are very talented to the point where the world will know as they already l know our talents through a lot of our Jamaican noble performers that has pass-on and those that are alive. Soon the world will learn of more because Jamaica the Island of the west indies will, and is about to embark under- a new stage act where gospel is concern. Who will stand up and support a Public Awareness Issues Affairs -performers development that specializes in victims needs and artiste escape. It is time and we are ready for a show down in the #English speaking Caribbean island in the sun, Jamaica land we love, how can we forget Jamaica! We will pay our Jamaican society humanity responsibility respect a Nation that is out of many people culturally, in all types of genres stage acts. Because it was music that carry us through and as it is so, we shall use it to our advantage to bring atrocity, Aides, Cancer, Pancreatic -caner, Breast-cancer, Prostate -caner, Blood Cancers, Lung -rain-cancer Skin- cancer and all other illnesses . This is where we will also, focus on Homelessness, hunger, Poverty that has taken over the poor parts of Jamaica and elsewhere in the region and in Jamaica as a whole..
Jamaica has developed some very talented super stars, Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc would like to market them on this New opportunity Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc stage access. If you  are a gospel-minded person which you should then we have a space on our stage for you to challenge your music carry escape. We can stop crime by brainstorming  new ideas, develop our community with knowledge that in Jamaican we can create ideas and with doing so, we will receive solutions to problems known and unknown.
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If you would like to post your ads here on our page as an in-kind, to our causes please send your ads letter to the All potential sponsors are welcome to select a cause and let it be their interest, there can be more than one causes the sponsor (s)have in mind as interest in these particular cases that I have mentioned thus far.
Jamaica National Gospel Concert 2013 for short is JNGC 2013 Towards Jamaica National Gospel Concert 2013 Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc is looking for a gospel performer to be its Ed-Liner. The Gospel concert will be held in Montego Bay St James Jamaica West Indies. October 27th at 2:30PM sharp.
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If you are residing in any of the 14 parishes and you  are a gospel performer, or a dancer doing the praise dancing we serious urge that you contact us by E mail immediately with your press-kit?
 In order to participate make sure you practice every week in the church or Sunday school or if you are of other religion the same rules guide-lines instructions apply.
Are you in Primary school, if you are we will visit your school and select a teacher and student "Government" body to over sees our extended project with your school. Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc have an interest in Maldon Primary School
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If you are attending Second - High school in St James the maroon town area or elsewhere, we will select  a teacher and student "Government body to over sees our Extended project with your school.
The school in Shaw castle, Flamstead, Maldon and Summer-hill are my interest thus far...
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Many people will be assigned to perform at the Jamaica National Gospel Concert 2013 and also when we upgrade the gospel title to Jamaica National Annual Gospel Concert 2014 understand that it is just a name change. We expect to have a more broader traffic of
performers wanting to be on the programs. So for those who will see a name change it is just to say that if we continue doing these gospel shows we would have to make it more meaningful just from the name change itself
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