Jamaican Dancers
JamaicanDancers Needed
Starting age ranges from 12 -15 thru 16 thru 20 and 20 thru 23, for these three sets of dancers each groups carries 12 dancers. They will dance to represent Jamaica West Indies; in its nation issues…this is the processing of galvanizing Jamaican talents to face off in an opportunity stage presentation dancing carrier for humanity…
Jamaican Dancers must have a press-kit consist with Photo shoots and also a Bio, you can be from any parish within, the Island of Jamaica West Indies but, St James is the main area for rehearsals. Keep in mind that your best attitude is the key to grant you this offer to join with the rest of the Caribbean and the world. A clean record, of best well behaved personality is so, required of all contestant that you need to make sure to review your bio carefully before submitting your press-kit!
Failure to disregard, our policy of carefully reviewing your press-kit before forwarding it to us will lead you in the red line with us… “red-Line” is when you didn’t review what you sent, that which we see as a error being sent, something with nothing of substance to the cause.
Keep in mind we wish each and every one the very best and cannot wait to meet and greet you in person. Good luck to you all. Now show what you got give us that raw-Jamaican wicked and while style that our Jamaican knows and can do well!  When you are submitting your Press-kit, I ask that you enclosed your stage name, along with address, cell, age is a factor, height waist, weight, shoe sizes, shirt, shorts and hats size. I hope you are in good health to take on the stage, a physical is essential to make sure you are in top shape for vigorous training / at the same time be meticulous when doing work outs on and off stage. Strenuous movements get the body tire so you need to know your strength abilities and with that said your capabilities. In these flexible skills, activities it always require a lot of practice and patients in these task. Once again good Luck and God speed be with you …
NYC CAYEN PVIL`, photo images on Dancers Photos & Bio, Video clips-Preview, Dance Video & Interviews taping.
This opportunity is a privilege for the Jamaican youths of tomorrow act now!
You must be in school or college or focusing on being a society contributor-
to Public Awareness Issues affairs Servant, for- mankind.
Dancers  join Face share    
Garth Thompson  Dreams for Jamaica Maroon Town St James
My wish for Jamaica
Maroon Town
The Thompson's Maroon TownHospital
Jamaica; Maroon Town EmergencyHospital
In St James Jamaica our Communityneed a Hospital, this is the
Campaign to achieve towards a hospital in the area, Help save lives be a sponsor.
Help us build a hospital in Maroon Town St James Jamaica West Indies, for the citizens need more care and less, less-care.
My dream to build a historicalMuseum
In Maroon Town St James Jamaica;
The Thompson’s Maroon Town Museum
It would present the Maroon Town historical time, of great people in the community that ever lived, both in colonial times and modern as well. The Museum would additionally display the Community history of where buildings and homes ones stood. Also the future of Maroon Town, The Museum it, would also talk about the domestic culture of Maroon Town. We seek sponsors for the people Museum of Maroon Town St James Jamaica West Indies. Sponsor care; be for the people, of Maroon Town and out- side citizen of maroon town… Be a part of our dream Museum.
The Thompson library of MaroonTown
Jamaica St James
Our Community of Young and Old,will visit
The Library for a better readingskill opportunity
The public would read books from7AM to 630PM
This is a future dream for MaroonTown St James
Jamaica West Indies…
Cleaning the streets of Americafrom Violence, Gun –crimes
Calling all States with in America to be vigilant, must be wary of your community and help save lives to allow mankind to live their fullest life spooned of earth… No mankind has the legal God rights to end someone’s life. So therefore, be a Street of America Violence, Gun – Crime stopper.
Must come as one to protect America land for all mankind from harms… end tribulations now!
Garth Thompson
Campaign petition for a GeneralHospital in “The Maroon Town Area,
Vote-Now By; Emailing, submit your name & tell why you need this Hospital
In Maroon Town, “Garth Thompson, Imyself have many reasons…
Intl Cultural AwarenessAssociates ~ for JamaicaAmerica and the World…
Humanity Cultural Health concerns, we need a health institution, for emergency, our young and old, lives are at stake, we are in need of this institution in case of heartache, Gun incident, cancer, and all other general health concerns…
All age groups are essential tous!
Dear fellow Jamaicans, we are pledging to you with hopes that you will Unite-upon this gigantic request for a better community wish comes through!  Therefore, Famous Jamaicans I Garth Thompson will be reaching out to you for your support in campaigning for a better dream for Jamaican citizens…
Informing Maroon Town constituency Leader for support on my dreams for the community...
Put Jamaica On the Map!
Submit your application @
Live –Taping
Where are the super talented Jamaican of you know of any drop us a note
 2013 is near and we need to meet all genres...