Home Preview
Home Preview
Home Preview, page carries short informational messages about the main data that enlightens our fans and clients as well as other additional details which reveals the purpose of this corporation. The most idealistic motto that is an opportunity for performers and their development to aid victim’s needs is in our midst. Therefore, along with tools and resources to carry out the entity dreams we want to assure clients that we are with them all the way to make sure their career kicks off, well while entering these many industries upon pursuing their genre (s) we have vital info’s that will encourage our uprising to the end. On our next page you will words and images representing purpose and meanings. Read in short the entity mission statement for the Band… visit our home page or continue to read...
INTL CONCERT CONTRACT AGREEMENT, deal for our Clients who have an interested in the show business policy and its opportunities towards up and coming performers. These artists are very essential to Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc and it's partner
which you will be apart of once you join Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc.  It is to be known to you as an indivdual,a client, that INTL CULTURAL AWARENESS ASSOCIATES is the first entity that is and was form to deal with issues of all types in all it's entirety. Being the the main entity-organaization that will care for victims to the fullest.
Net Move Garth Music Tour. Inc responsibilities are to scout, and develop talents who have an interest to seriously developing their careers with us. We are only looking for those who we can manage and sign a extended agreement deals with and also promoto as well. It is clean at thsi point that you can agree to work under our not for profit and also with the for profit entity, these two entities are about two different journey that will arrive at one destination.  Net Mvoe Garth Music Tour, Inc is developing you to serve people of needs and also to use this opportunity as an escape. while our not for-profit need these performers, they would like to see victims need met. And with thanks to the talented stars it is with great gratidude and appreciation, that  INTL CULTUAL AWARENESS ASSOCIARES acknowledge you for working so hard and being so bold.
The Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc International Concerts Tours,
The New York Five Boroughs Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Stalen Island Tours
The Caribbean Island, Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc conducting Jamaica National Gospel Concert 2013
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Band; is gearing towards opening shows in NYC the Caribbean and the world focusing on theme song now, that mentioned the entity name and our corporation motto with the involvement of performers all around the world coming together to make a difference for mankind. Therefore, Singing Dancing, conscious -Rapping, Model, Fashion, Comedians, Musicians, Actors, Actresses, Poets, Conscious-Reggae, Freestyle, Writers, Speakers, R&B, Gospel, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues plus many more other genres...
Band Make-Up
Now What will make up the Band, are One model, Dancer, Rapper, Gospel, Reggae, R&B, Poets, Soul artist, Pop stars, Designer, Guitarist, Drummer, Pianist, and more...
Net Move, Net move Garth Music Tour
Our shows will start off with this theme song at every events that we will conduct, so now we need dancers, Jamaican, American, Trinidadian, Japanese, Jewish, English, Egyptian, Haitian,Barbados
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