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Aspiring Entrepreneur and Model. Outgoing, friendly, funny and easy going guy. Reside in Miami Florida where i attend college in pursuit of my MBA and work on building my career as a model. I do not consider being a model to be a job, instead i consider it a passion. I intend on taking my career as far as possible and becoming the best i possibly could.
Enjoying meeting new people, exploring new cultures and places and learning. Through diligence, discipline and perseverance we accomplish every one of our goals!HEAD BANNER is on Garth Music
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Dear Blog fans this page is where you will view all of our "Blog Performers and Members" that is on a vital list that is up and comping to Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc  idealistic dreams of-Talents-Development. Therefore, here you will see artiste Galleries of some of the most serious performers of tomorrow.  The Blog page is designed market and  present the most qualified Ambassador and Entertainment soldier for  our stage.  These performers, photo slides, is   to share a little about  who we scout thus far and more data be presented that-is pertaining to net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc International Concerts.  "INTL CONCERT CONTRACT AGREEMENT"
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     The Blog performers are all here where we post each and every one from the Gallery Continued pages
Fans our performers are posted on the blog to showcase, and promote their images, photos and music etc towards what they are about to engage in on the on the Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc concert Tour Stage. All five boroughs are welcome to join using the best clean lyrics and attitude individuals that there are to represent victims issues and their needs.  Fans can now tell all of their friends  on and off facebook about our movements because we do need everyone to participate in these tours and chatting about it is also important. We need to support all genres on our blog now...
The Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc. corporation idealistic-dreams are that we scout the  best female and male who are serious business people of the five boroughs in the music business. These songs-Writers, Musicians, Producers, Engineers, and vocalist are very special to our entity and we know they will play a vital role in help contributing their skills to this what we are doing. We are recruiting talents of all origin and genres to use this opportunity as an escape to do something essential for humanity and in the mean while creating  hope  and success in the entertainment industry...
Let us know who you would come to see at the concert, and follow us on twitter as well too.
Bring your friends to the shows also if you know of any up and coming artist send them to our form join Us!
 In order to join we need your Press-kit  which is consist of BIO , Photos, Mp3 and Video preview to be review by Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc
This is our official informational page for Gallery details continues to develop talents for the Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc
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Travon Bracey
Travon Bracey

Name: Travon “Afro-Soul Lyrics” Bracey Occupation: Model, Freelance Photographer, Writer, and an Activist Current Place of Living: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, I was exposed to the performing, visual, and liberal arts at an early age in my childhood. Music, photography, writing, fashion, and modeling came into mind at my teen ages but today I pursue projects currently in photography, modeling, and fashion. 



A Profile

BPS got his start with Junior Vasquez who bought the rights to his first single, “Ego Trip”, produced by Jon Creamer in 1993.  This success was short-sighted when BPS decided not to sign an exclusive contract with a dance label, he didn’t want to be typecast as a dance artist.  He continued honing his songwriting skills competing in poetry jams at “Nuyorican Poets Café”, “Bar 13”, and “CBGB bar”.  He has had some of that poetry published in “The National Library of Poetry Collection”. 

This is singer, Songwriter BPS Gallery  Continue

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Thaddeus Model



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JTRIP RnB singer photo


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Born and raised in, Jamaica, (Four Paths, Clarendon), this new artiste’s first inspirations came from the melodies and lyrics of Bob Marley, Jimmy cliff, Beres Hammond, and Garnet Silk, which was his father's favorites, always blasting in the house. He began writing poems and short stories around age 14, but his desire to become a performer, and aspire towards the greats flourished, however, as a chorister, of the Glenmuir High school Choir, in his later years of High school. By the time he graduated at age 16 he had already written over 40 songs.



Reggae has played a major role in Sammy’s musical development. However, true to the spirit of Reggae music, Rebel music, he has a firm dedication to originality and individuality. Though his primary focus is on the collaboration of the Hip Hop & Reggae genres, his musical expression features a variable fusion of styles/ influences, including but not limited to, Reggae/ DanceHall / Rock / Rap / Hip Hop, effectively creating his own unique musical style/identity




Who am I -- Music, I embody the definition of sound. My vocals are dynamic I disrupt equilibriums, my style is renowned. My harmonies are refreshing, generations I astound. My intentions: simple, I’m here to turn the game around. I’m refreshing, a collage of versatility. I compose tones of dance and choreography. I’ve conquered all haters, I represent adversity. I Re-define your average perception of rhythm and movements with each technique


2012 Cayen Pvil, male model cayen pvil  photo shoots in New York City of Brooklyn



Eclectic’s Biography


Eclectic was founded June 19, 2012 by Axel Alinsub(Filipino) and Garrette Simmonds (Jamaican). The name Eclectic was derived from-the fact that our intention is clearly not to limit ourselves with the type of-music that we are doing but will be experimenting with all genres such as; pop,r&b, reggae, dancehall and jazz. Based on the fact that both members are from different backgrounds our music will have an influence that is so unique.So far since we started a few months ago our music has opened some doors allowing us to do major performances, radio interviews, we have been featured on some entertainment websites and have met some major acts in the business and recently we have landed a permanent performance at the Payag Restaurant in Queens NY.



Didier Dorcelus model 


is Didier Dorcelus or Dj for short, I am a free lance model /actor with aspirations of being famous and making myself known. I am A  student before anything because my education is my


 .  And my Family is very important to me and that being my main motivation for stardom. To provide for my family is my goal, and to live the lavish lifestyle. I currently play basketball and also model, I envision myself on a




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Devante Williams Chattanagoo Tennessee , Us


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Actor & Model

Taylor Woodard model

Young and talented American Model,”Taylor Woodard,” currently from the Myrtle Beach area of the southern state of South Carolina. Make his way to the top. Taylor began his career in the Modeling industry   at the age of 19 from where he met his agent (Stacey Terry from Mega A.) located in Atlanta, GA. Since then, Woodard has done fashion shows, commercial prints, and runway. In fall 2013, Woodard will relocate to Miami, FL to further expand his career in architectural engineer, modeling, and also acting.


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