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Garth Thompson is on Garth Music Tour.comGarth Thompson wishes to do all that is in his, power for causes that matters the most to our society. In the name of dire needs add me in today? Acknowledging the facts that in order to make a difference, one as to stand up tall, and fight vigarously for what he or she believes in. I hope that with this message it can in some way direct those with interest to understand the campaign causes.  Read More at About Us.

wix logo is on Garth Music Our non profit  Garth Charity is partnered with Garth Music a company that specializes is all genres. The non profit
corporation which is base in Brooklyn New York and branched off in the Island of Jamaica West Indies.  Garth Charity Projects Is now being announced at this time as we are looking for those genres and entrepreneurs business man and woman to advertise on our site. Some of you will receive free ads space while some ads space will be for a fee. About it is designed to develop health care facility and other society awareness. 

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Garth Charity is on Garth Music

Brooklyn New York youth are our interest and it is time now that we look out for the young and direct them on a path where there is no return. Charity and Music development is a way to go when it comes to inspire the New York city residents. For the many shows ahead we will need to reach out to those who can help.  NOW ADVERTISE WITH US!

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Garth Charity is on Garth Music

Fundraising is our key movement and functions. The world needs to know that we are seeking their support.  Who can help us now by allowing their products and messages to be us post with us? Your vital information can be read on the blog advertising site. Post your images on the website is allowed. If you want to bring business on the advertising site send us your email today. advertising on our website can't get any better, you can offer us a small fee that will go along way and that will also benefit the development. Our dreams are many and for those of whom are interested to advertise with we welcome you with open arms. 

 Male model Marc Benjamin

America Melvin Walker

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wix logo is on Garth Music

"By clciking here you're taking the time out to give back doing so you're helping those indire needs"
Help Us toraise fundsfor our many causes New York

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