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Square  blue image  on the website www.garthmusictour.comYou have arrive at a link that is gearing towards requesting your support for causes in and around our communities starting now "Garth music tour " is being clear that your presents is vital. It is no -joke, when it comes to diseases and atrocities that is why I form "Intel Cultural Awareness Associates" Therefore, your participation is that you sing, dance, Play -instrumentals-tools, Write poets,Perform Reggae acts, Do hip Hop including Gospel and conscious Rap. I mean all genres are welcome here at Garth Music Tour . com to show off their super stage skills for communities. There are many people all across America, the Caribbean and throughout the world who are victims  of hate, with no hope  and victims of crimes and female genital mutilation traditional practice. Let me mention victims of HIV - aids and all types of cancers. The need all those who are on and off online to focus on real issues. Since facebook carries the world I am asking all of those who are in America starting now, will please take the lead to galvanize  the world on what matters the most  in our society today. Issues affairs in Public Awareness...

Facebook Friends, I ask you now to tell all your friends that starting 2011, if you are in Washington state or Florida State or event up Main State, across over California State back to New York State to all the America's 50 State Garth Music Tour need you more than ever to participate on a new-talent development task starting in NYC. And all fans are invited to attend.  Facebook Friends you can send this page to your page, & then your friends can copy from your page & send it to their friends. Send this link to your who?

Facebook friends: copy this paragraph below and send it to your page,for your friends to read and pass on!
copy paste: Face, your society talents development By
                   support us as we create America uprising talents to use Public Awareness as an escape?
                              This is where Garth Thompson Founder and President will bring performers to the  
                                         streets of America, the Caribbean and else where in the world! to-High light
                                                     skillful talents taking the entertainment stage. You are now adopting 
                                                          issues to be your make-up windows of opportunity. To the level of 
                                                                              becoming Ambassador under the interest of atrocity.