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Super Star Model Daniel McKenzie
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Travon Bracey

Name: Travon “Afro-Soul Lyrics” Bracey Occupation: Model, Freelance Photographer, Writer, and an Activist Current Place of Living: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, I was exposed to the performing, visual, and liberal arts at an early age in my childhood. Music, photography, writing, fashion, and modeling came into mind at my teen ages but today I pursue projects currently in photography, modeling, and fashion.
Jay Blahnik

Jay Blahnik

National Public Health Leader and Artist,  Jay Blahnik Joins  the Legendary Celebrity Choreographer, Brice Vick to Launch Hip Hop 4 Health Initiative continuance 



As the Iconic, Jay Blahnik (whose real  name is Damon L. Humes) ramps up for the release of his 2013 album ‘Boom Box’ and promotional tour, he also joins the all-star team assembled for world-renowned celebrity choreographer, Brice Vick’s new Hip Hop 4 Health (HH4H) Initiative. Vick’s impressive resume of superstar pop, rap and R & B clients include choreographing for Ashanti, Chris Brown, Lauryn Hill, 50 Cent,Christina Aguilera, R. Kelly, and Beyonce.  Blahnik, who met and began working with Vick in 2006, is also an award-winning dancer/choreographer; as well as an incredible artist and producer.
Darius Wells

You are looking at a 22 year old hard working male who knows what he wants out of life. My life started immediately after i graduated high school back in 2008 in my hometown of Newport News, VA. I took a guess that I wasn't ready for college at that time and didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life at 18 so I joined the United States Marine Corps straight out of high school. 

I served 4 years active duty service in Twentynine Palms, CA and successfully completed 2 tours to Afghanistan. Im currently attending college at The Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, CA pursuing an associates degree of science in Film. As much as I would love to have, I currently have no professional experience with any modeling agencies or companies. 

Im very independent and work well with others. Ambitious about my goals and I'm going to work hard to get it. I love the camera and being in front of the lens. Nobody is going to stop me from doing what I'm passionate about even if I don't make it.. I'm happy. I'm like most people these days... just waiting on my moment
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