Pancreatic Cancer Street kick off 2011

   Thinking of victims, and stars development I welcome you to our Entertainment page this is where your moment here at Garth Music as arises. If you are talented then you are just the right person for the job. At this juncture Pancreatic Cancer is the 2011 hit First if you are interested then you are invited to participate to perform and as a fan you are welcome to meet the stars that will kick it off
Compassion, feelings, caring, results...

All performers will sign agreement to participate we hope you enjoy the 2011 kick process that will expose to greater things in life. Be the humanitarian the best way you can be give back and use this opportunity as an escape. To start send your press-kit, which is consist of Photo, Bio and MP3-video if you own one, make sure you get the permission from who produce the video project  before submitting! New York is the kick –off state for pancreatic cancer and much more public awareness issues and diseases.  All genres can apply to perform, with all respect I would like to hear from interested perform early in the process.
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“Sometimes in life it’s not the person or people who you think or feels can bring results, it is the one you never give the chance, that’s the one who will surprise you. He or she can take you by surprise. If you have any talent: let us surprise you by conducting a public awareness event where you can, as we will let you be the star? All issues are our interest and i mean everything that is about life will be live here...

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