NET MOVE GARTH MUSIC TOUR, INC. - Enrollment Agreement
Enrollment Agreements
All of your materials with us must be registered in the agreement that you allow it in your own words!
Register for Garth’s Interview session, every genres are subject to be interview for any dept you are hoping to become a part of, it is the policy that you are interviewed: on what talent you specialize in. It is clear that performers from our company must answer few questions to meet the needs of all causes, and this is how we place you in categories pertaining to Ambassadors task. You will not be paid for interviews we will never post a paid interview notice to the public. Any talents want to be interview we ask that you share agreement to the idea of interviewing you. On this website you will answer questions gearing to your interview with Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc.  When we’re recruiting talents it is for a very good cause, and you need to knowthat before you work for us or participate in any projects you must first engage in, us questioning you about  what you are about to undertake. Then during the interview we will tell you what we expect of you. Most of the interview will just be ordinary interview where we will just ask you the regular questions to promote you. But some interviews will be both to promote you and also to manager you and offer you the things a real artist gain from a real agency. After the interview if you meet our needs and interest then again after the review of your interview and how well you dictations we will let you know if you are; who we are looking for to do business with. Let me say this, what we are looking for in our clients, is for him or her to arrive on our set; with great personality and ability to work with everyone but, most of all able to entertain causes events very well.
If you are a model, Dancer, Singer, Poets- Writer, Musicians, Reggae-Rappers, Actors, Actresses, keep in mind that you’re on a positive program that will allow you to develop your escape with what we do best. This is an interview, getting artist to interview them. I am looking performers who care about aids, cancer, homelessness, hunger, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, poverty, and all other diseases.  I need artist who cares about community affairs, I need people who are willing to do interview and share their life before and during their careers. It is about people who are looking to be seen and heard by the public. Now if this is something that would interest you we want for you to use this opportunity that we have presented. Therefore, share your talents by doing an interview on public awareness issues affairs then let me know if you want to go further with the policy.  I am conducting shows in NYC. These interviews somewhat- related to the types of events that are to be conduct and promote by us, the many varieties of events. Basically we are interviewing talents who will be ambassadors for victims. Performers here on will, create fame and fortune in the long run to those who adopt the need to make a difference in society. In the interview it is very essential that we ask your stage names and your native island or country, then we will go on to key questions such as who inspired you to become or approaching a career that is of your dreams. In this interview “Garth Thompson” will ask about your family and the way in which you were raised, that help you thus far in life. I it’s clear that you will be ask of all the good things, and lest of the bad. Your dreams are important to us and your talents will only rise higher if you are the client with gold ideas and skills to successful mater your performance on and off stage. The questions will all gear to the city or nation population, and to question you about crimes and other issues, and then the other thing would be when you make it how will you contribute to society if you will ever do Interview
Register with us your photo, give us the rights to use it on our website, register also your songs at notary public and give us the rights to promote it on our site , on different pages  if we are promoting a story or adding you on our website, and all the above. Register with us; give Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc the rights to use your materials for promotional purposes make that agreement also register the rights to allow us to interview you?  The interview include, photo shoots and video- taping need in mind that all interviews are being tape . For the interview you will fill out a Garth’s Interview session agreements
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