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Your welcome to submit an eMAIL that we will add to our Email Marketing list. As we upgrade the shows for the month  or year an email marketing telegram will submit to your email -Box. If you happen to view this page we are asking that you send your Email to post on Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc  marketing list.You can now keep up with concerts events that we will conduct.  Now you can attend our shows by sending  email to you will receive event news two to three times a week or once a week.
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 Featuring: Public Awareness events,  Event Fund-raising, Fashion & Modeling Events, Street or parade, Park events, Nation events, Caribbean Events, Interview sessions, Genres Red-carpet events, Artist book release Events, Album Release events, NMGMT-Special Events, Judging events, Net Working Events 2011,
Wardrobe events & Runway Events,Banquet events,Photo video Events, & Intel Concert Contact Agreement
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