Guiding small businesses to success  **DISCLAIMER**Net Move Garth Music Tour , Inc. corporation website owns the rights of any and every logo T 'Shirts and that has shown on the entity website above. The corporation as the rights of Model Photos, or was given the written authorization by model and or singers, poets, writes, Rappers, R&b, Dancers, Actors Musicians, Hip Hop artist and all other performers seen here and to come. All performers wants the rights to establish their dreams and career to the media using the Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc corporation, The entity do not allow certain content to be on this site, when it comes to fully nude models we do not encourage such adult exposure. Photos and videos on our website is all taken by Net Move Garth Music & and are all working parallel. The site contains up and coming performers who are using this opportunity as can escape, in the mean while these performers are preparing to establish their careers for victims needs. All origins are recruited and assigned to perform for our detail stage concerts-events as there are many various shows to view. Whatever is your ethnicity or lifestyle we do not discriminate, so your sexual orientation is not how we judge you, your are selected to the task upon how well your share your rendition. We pick you base on what we see if we like your presentation for our corporation that we will contact you.  
You are again, being recruited in the mean while we ask that you present us with your rendition portfolio  -your press-kit that is consist of bio, photo, and if any taping such as show and or Interviews that you did in the present or in the past.  Its purpose of this motto is of a INTL Concert Contract agreement where all  assigned star will and must sign!
learn more. You will be provided with additional details in the  coming future.
More details ahead.  This company is focusing on all genres to spread Public awareness issues affairs
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