A World of Entertainment
Our Departments of genres is being created under conscious terms and conditions so that everyone is within accord with the corporation operational policy. The main fact that we have to develop these talents is for them to understand the dream and t know how it should be done with special directions. Most people in the world can have an idea about a plan and know for sure when it is presented they can adopt to the script some on the other hand will understand but do not see or feel the sense there is, but under these sensitive stage creation (conscious) development is smart and it do make sense. 
 In society people have different lifestyle, some use the profanity while other choose not to instead they are calm with a sense of acknowledge that they know how to block certain people indecent  language, our world is made up of so many verbal communications, in the foreign world out there people and their languages has cause a great fuss that most entities and I mean work places and educational institutions also churches do not allow curses.  Therefore, Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc see this idea to do conscious lyrics as something  great. When we are conducting business with serious issues we need not to book performers  to use indecent languages, it interferes the issues and Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc do not come off as a serious benevolent corporation with compassion for humanity.
Basically we develop talents who can share a different entertainment world in which we  now embark upon. All genres must be develop to the highest level standard that is suitable for society most interesting entertainment shows to be conducted by Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc.