CJ Priest

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The second in a line of talented men, Charles ‘CJ’ Gardiner Jr. was born in 1989 to Bishop Charles and Mrs. Patrice Gardiner. The graduate of Queen’s College in Nassau, Bahamas remembers being scolded by his teachers for putting more attention into his music than into his basic classes. There is one thing he knew that his teachers did not recognize; music was his lifeblood.
CJ’s singing career began under the watchful eye of his father who formed a Gospel group called, ‘The Soul Winners’.
The group became a fulfillment of his childhood dream of performing music. As time progressed, CJ had developed a love for singing that needed a larger stage on which to be displayed. In September of 2008, CJ walked into the offices of BuffBoo Records and met with producer Ray R. Ewing. The intention was to record a song called ‘Luv’ but the result was a partnership between BuffBoo Records, Frontline Productions and new artist CJ Priest. The addition of the title ‘Priest’ is a reflection of his belief about his purpose in life. With life comes the responsibility to inspire others to know themselves and their Creator while pushing them towards the fulfillment of their purpose. With some grooming, Gardiner became more than just a singer. His audacity in music and passionate relationship with the instruments translated into the emergence of a confident and capable artist and producer.

Now, CJ Priest is becoming one of the recognizable faces in music with a distinct sound and true-to-the- heart lyrics. His music is food for the heart and soul with positive themes and creative phrasing. There is much more to CJ Priest than meets the eye. Continue to watch as he begins his journey toward purpose using Reggae music as his medium of choice.

                                                          CJ PRIEST

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