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vinnette pictures 200Our official Blog Promotional Link, page is designed to direct unsigned, up and coming, renowned genres to a great future with Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc If we see the need to give performers such as yourself the time and internet coverage, in ads event to post your Press-kit on the blog it simply means there is a great future for you in the industry that we have an interest with.
Devante Williams Chattanagoo Tennessee , UsMost of the performers that we now add, it is because they are first-come-first serve therefore, they will be post FREE and ask by us to join an Extended INTL CONCERT CONTACT AGREEMENT for possible shows gearing towards public awareness issues affairs...
Cedric Aikens male model from Florida state.If you are out of the United States of America and wants to participate in dynamic Event- such as Concert, you will need to submit your Press-kit Inbox. You will have to work hard to get on this opportunity musical journey if you are out of the U.S.A.
TAWAIN'S model 
MyName is Tawain from Columbus, OH. I been modeling for awhile now. I want to be a high fashion model that travel the world not just in the U.S. i want people to know who I'm as a model and as a person. i have a good personality am outgoing and i get alone with everybody am a peoples person. modeling is my life this is what i want to do and its hard and am not stopping hear been throw to much to give up on my dream.Continues...If you are interested to join Net Move Garth Music Tour. Inc and your location is within the Caribbean seas it will take two years the most to process this great event in that origin which is your nation. Continues... You will email us for a poster -flyer that will must carry to 50 people who will then pass it around to 5000five thousand, people who at this point will recruit 50.000 fans and more...These fans will post their names, Email and a short comments on our form box below the blog materials...
Trishana Sue  JAMAICAAbroad performers, must have bio, photo, and if you are a singer submit your mp3, those who are models Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc requesting your Bio, Photo, Fashion show tapings and or Photo video shoots.
Didier Dorcelus

is Didier Dorcelus or Dj for short, I am a free lance model /actor with aspirations of being famous and making myself known. I am A  student before anything because my education is my


 .  And my Family is very important to me and that being my main motivation for stardom. To provide for my family is my goal, and to live the lavish lifestyle. I currently play basketball and also model, I envision myself on aNow to all this is not your average concerts events, we are conducting an official public awareness issues affairs concert that is about victims and, as serious as it is that is how we hope for you to be too.
Taylor Woodard the model

Young and talented American Model,”Taylor Woodard,” currently from the Myrtle Beach area of the southern state of South Carolina. Make his way to the top. Taylor began his career in the Modeling industry   at the age of 19 from where he met his agent (Stacey Terry from Mega A.) located in Atlanta, GA. Since then, Woodard has done fashion shows, commercial prints, and runway. In fall 2013, Woodard will relocate to Miami, FL to further expand his career in architectural engineer, modeling, and also acting.Performers will receive their promotional reward after each by monthly performance as our policy is about INTL CONCERTCONTRACT AGREEMENT- The Umbrella Entity United Music ~ Concert royalties
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