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Garth  Thompson 
Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.
Garth Thompson  Photo, Founder and, President photo in Florida of 2010
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Of Garth Thompson Sol-proprietor
Net Move Garth Music Tour Inc
Founder & President
Over the years I have grown to understand that life is vital and it is something to take serious, I seriously want to point that out to fans who will be logging on to our websites to enjoy NMGMT creating this entity that is important for our communities issues. In my course of getting to know people it is through the world issues reviews and campaigning for candidates is what leads me to understand issues better than before. Theses I know for certain will take me to my dreams, which is galvanizing America and the world seeking the best signed and agreed artist.
I have notice that each and everyone have a positive ways about them that just don’t come by so easily. Since I started planning my entity I have come across some of  the most important powerful and smart people  that I have to thank God also myself for the days when I did decided to create ideas for public awareness issues. Which got me started designing the companies that would go forth and do the heavenly father’s work.  As I keep focusing on music I realize that there was a need for my movements and so the respond that I got, it encourages me to want to do a lot for others as I would do for myself.
 I have always had a high respect for music and since the world is spring with many ups and downs I did develop a corporation that would help to bring people and issues on one stage. Our people that are among the most talented in the industry are being recognized to join historical moments now to aid issues internationally. We would work towards a never- seen- before, idealistic agreement plan. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.
As I have form an International stage by language, this idea has been reaching the grass – root people whom are searching to have this type of access to whatever degree of exposure they can gain.  That is my motto and I am looking forward to build an empire that caters to the biggest and largest industry network even larger than life, in the United state you can plan an idea and watch it manifest. I do hope one day we both can work on the world riches ideas that can make mankind come to themselves after it is all created and done.
We need to understand the word Aids, Cancer, Homelessness, Poverty crimes and all other diseases. And what mankind can do to make a different.  I was interviewed by Caribbean life in the start of the business development and that to me still reassure me that I must keep hope for the goodness of souls…
Founder & President
Employer: Of NetMove Garth Music Tour Inc
 Reside in Brooklyn New York
Creating one of the larges
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